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Samplecraze online courses

Keep tuned in as I have now compiled a ton of tutorials for the new online courses Samplecraze will be running.

From individual 2 minute video tutorials to full-on EDM and Hip Hop production courses with all audio files and video extercises provided.

If you are interested then sign up to Samplecraze as I ill be offering the first 10 studen ts a 50% discount.

Layering drums

If you are serious about your drum layering tasks and want limitless flexibility and awesome power then THESE Kontakt Instruments are for you! Come and read the testimonials and reviews.

Voice - EQ


This is THE area that most people have trouble with when it comes to using EQ.

Midi to Frequency Chart

I have just uploaded another free tutorial on which midi notes represent which frequencies.


What is frequency?

I am uploading short glossary term tips and tricks so as to help you have a quick reference when needed.


Automation is the process by which a parameter is recorded in real-time.

In the days before computer-based recording we had to record onto tape, and this presented us with a real problem: recordings were destructive insofar as once a dynamic or effect was used, it was also recorded to tape, and the process could not be reversed.

Shadowing Beats

Shadowing Beats

Now let’s have some real fun with shadowing entire beats. The principle is the same as ghost notes but the process is slightly different.


I am now in a position to offer my services to outside contractors.
If any ezines, magazines, bloggers etc require top level contributions, be they text or video tutorials, feel free to contact me.

My services as a producer and sound designer are also available if required.

Please feel free to email me at: info _at_

Many thanks.
Eddie Bazil

Mixing a Hip Hop track

Mixing Tim Shroom's wonderful Hip Hop tracks for ongoing Hip Hop Production tutorials.

Will compile the processes into videos.

DruMM Designer update

Working on the near complete beta (near meaning a tad ways to go but all functions working etc).


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