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Free tutorials and articles detailing a wide selection of audio and sound engineering concepts - essential reading! Of course, these are a mere taster for the in-depth analysis and knowledge provided by the Samplecraze premium books and videos.

Active and Passive Monitors
Amplitude of Audio amplitude audio art of drum layering adsr
An Introduction to Digital Audio
Automation automation beat construction modulators
Chopping and Slicing Samples Beat Production
Chopping and Slicing/Splicing Samples Sampling
Compression Compression
Creative Sampling Sampling
Distortion (harmonic) harmonic distortion
Drum Programming Dynamics Beat Production
Drum sound processing drum sounds processing acoustic pitch top and tail
Equalisation - What is it and how do you use it? Audio Production
Filters - what are they and how do they work?
Finding the Tempo of a Beat or Sample Beat Production
Fixed and Floating Points
Frequency frequency eq sound
Frequency and Period frequency, time, sound, waveform
Frequency Clashing, Summing and Masking frequency summing clashing masking summing art of drum layering audio
Ghost Notes - How do you apply them? Audio Production
Groove Extraction Beat Production
Home Studio Acoustic Treatment - Part 1
Home Studio Acoustic Treatment - Part 2
Home Studio Acoustic Treatment - Part 3
MIDI CC Values and Templates midi cc templates beat construction
Midi to Frequency Chart midi frequency eq uncovered
Mixing with Headphones
MPC Swing swing shuffle beat mpc roger linn akai
Multiband Compression Compression
Noise and how to isolate it
Noise Gate
Noise in Synthesis - White, Brown, Pink etc.
Noise What is it? noise audio pink brown art of drum layering
Normalisation - Peak and RMS
Panning Drum Sounds
Parallel Compression - New York Compression Compression
Plate Reverb reverb plate room creative effects
Preparing to Sample Sampling
Quantise - what is it and how do you apply it?
Quick Tip 1: Reverb Damping reverb damping lp creative effects
Reverb - Part 1 reverb, audio, effects, delay, music, mixing, producing
Reverb - Part 2 - The Room and Reflections effets, reverb, audio, production, delay, diffusion, early
Reverb Chamber reverb production chamber
RIAA amps and standards
Sampling Methods Sampling
Sampling Tools Sampling
Shadowing Beats drums beat construction ghost shadow
Signal to Noise Ratio - S/N or SNR
Sinusodial creation and simple harmonic motion sine, sound, audio, waveform, phase, harmonic, motion
Sound and how it travels
Speaker Placement within a studio
Spring Reverb reverb spring room
Summing audio summing production sine daw mixing
Synthesis - Part 1 Synthesis and Sound Design
Synthesis - Part 2 Synthesis and Sound Design
Synthesis - Part 3 Synthesis and Sound Design
Synthesis - Part 4 Synthesis and Sound Design
Synthesis - Part 5 Synthesis and Sound Design
Synthesis - Part 6 Synthesis and Sound Design
Synthesis - Part 7 Synthesis and Sound Design
Synthesis and Sound Design -the different types
Tagging tagging label audio visual
The Karaoke Effect
The Panning Law
The Telephone/Radio Effect
Time Stretching Beat Production
Timing - Drums and Beats timing beat contruction drums
Tube/valve (active gain stages) production tape saturation valve
Velocity Curve Templates - adding and using Beat Production
Voice - EQ eq uncovered voice
What is an Effect? effects, reverbs, flange, delay, audio