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G.A.M. Productions is a music production company based in London, England. Specializing in urban music, such as R&B / Soul / Funk / Jazz, Dance, Hip hop and Reggae. Its musical styles lay its roots in a mixture of strong beats and rhythmical grooves, often with a hypnotic undercurrent. With influence from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as well as millennium style current trends, there is something in it for all ages.

Top Professional Audio Cd Mastering Studio
HDQTRZ Mastering Studios has been the secret weapon behind record labels for years, creating the best sounding mastered tracks in the music industry. 

A UK-based freelance audio editor, sound designer, programmer and writer. A stalwart presence over at where he's ever involved in technical writing and scripting.

Jack Ruston is a producer, recording engineer and mixer. He works in partnership with veteran producer Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy, Marillion, UFO etc) making records for rock bands. He also happens to be a top bloke and makes a seriously mean burger.

Martin is a sound designer, technical writer and musician. He contributes heavily to music technology magazines, composed over 100 game soundtrack projects across nine computer formats, and has a handful of well-received computer games to his credit. He is also a true friend and one of the most helpful people I have ever met.

Max is a highly experienced audio & acoustics consultant, providing the technical resources for Shonk studios, as well as recording  and mixing services .
He also works outside the studio in his own consultancy role, offering tech support to pro audio facilities, as well as studio design and build services.

The best web designer/administrator bar none.
None of the Samplecraze and STN sites would exist without this genius. He is also unnervingly good looking which is an issue but I'll live with it.