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The Art of Drum Layering

Our most popular best seller just got a huge facelift.

Boasting a massive 155 pages, this Drum Layering ebook has been updated with new projects, updated techniques and up to the minute theories and practices.

A detailed and concise ebook on how to layer those essential drum sounds. Loads of image and audio examples, with countless work through examples, tips and tricks, do's and don'ts etc.

Set out over 155 pages and divided into chapters, all easily navigable and indexed, this ebook is one of a kind.

Containing indepth tutorials on the secrets of drum layering. From basic concepts, like understanding frequencies and how to recognise certain percussive sounds, right through to advanced beat layering techniques using audio editors and sequencers.

Highly detailed and comprehensive coverage of layering techniques for Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats and Percussive elements. Walk through examples of all techniques used, from using waveform tones to layer drum sounds, using ADSR enevlopes to shape layers, to using effects and dynamics to reshape existing sounds into new sonic textures.

Thorough explanations for compression, equalisation, stem and tree techniques, layering drum sounds using audio editors, layering drum sounds using sequencers, layering drum loops, extending tails of sounds using noise and so on.

Every technique is accompanied with project material incorporating audio (before and after) and image screenshots.

This E-book is not exclusive to any software, and can be used as a tutorial for any audio editor and/or sequencer.

The definitive ebook on layering drums.

Please download the demo as it contains a FREE chapter and included audio and image examples. This will give you an insight into how the whole book is structured. 

Art of Drum Layering (Second Edition) - Contents


1. Structure

2. Frequencies

3. Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release – ADSR

4. Creating ADSR Components

5. ADSR Extraction Layering Examples

6. Layering Entire and Complete Waveforms

7. Using Tones as Layers

8. Dynamics: Compression

9. Dynamics: Equalisation

10. Stems and Tree

11. Creative Layering

Final Word 

Art of Drum Layering Advanced Video is now available and is the follow up to the book with some techniques covered in the latest Sound On Sound magazine.

PLEASE watch the Art of Drum Layering demo video

As featured in Sound On Sound

This ebook is also available as hard copy from PC Publishing.

A must have for songwriters, beat makers and producers.

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