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Because tuition is one-to-one, no two Samplecraze masterclasses are identical. We don’t make you work through a rigid syllabus. We tailor each class to your experience, skills, and knowledge. It’s about your goals and your music.

We offer four full-day courses, and seven half-day classes. You can also combine any two or more classes – including those from the full-day courses – to make a bespoke programme.

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Full Day Courses

Beat Construction

Mixing Essentials

Mixing Workshop

Sound Design

Half Day Classes

Beat Construction

Morning: Introduction to Drum Programming

Master the fundamentals of drum sequencing. Topics include:

  • Creating grooves
  • Timing, ghosting, and shadowing
  • Extracting grooves from commercial mixes
  • Pattern creation
  • Quantization
  • Parallel and phase processing

Afternoon: Introduction to Mixing Drums

Learn how to craft a beat by mixing and layering. Topics include:

  • Frequencies and phase
  • Parallel processing in the mix
  • Drum layering
  • Timing and dynamics
  • Controlling dynamics by MIDI
  • Combining acoustic and electric drums

Mixing Essentials

Morning: Introduction to Equalisation (EQ)

Discover the power of frequency manipulation. Topics include:

  • How EQ works
  • Different types of EQ
  • Using EQ for corrective tasks
  • Using EQ for colour
  • EQ and side-chaining
  • Frequency ranges

Afternoon: Introduction to Dynamics

Understand how dynamic processing transforms music. Topics include:

  • How dynamics work
  • Different types of compressor
  • Dynamics and timing
  • Using dynamics for level control
  • Side-chain compression
  • Gating and expansion

Mixing Workshop

Morning: Mix Lab

We’ll load up one of your tunes as a multitrack session, deconstruct it, then take it to the next level. Topics include:

  • Detailed professional feedback on your mix
  • Genre-specific techniques
  • Demonstration of corrective processes and edits
  • Suggestions for alternative mixes
  • Tips for texture and excitement
  • Monitoring and analysis tools

Afternoon: Advanced Mixing Techniques

Learn how to meet any mixing challenge with creativity and ease. Topics include:

  • Genre-specific processes
  • Understanding phase in mixing
  • Parallel mixing
  • Advanced use of processors and effects
  • Side-chain mixing for electronic music
  • Preparation for mastering
  • Mixing for sound design

Sound Design

Morning: Introduction to Creative Effects

Discover how to maul and colour sound for attention-grabbing productions. Topics include:

  • Reverb
  • Chorus
  • Delay
  • Flanging and phasing
  • Pitch manipulation
  • Side-chaining effects
  • Effects in parallel

Afternoon: Introduction to Low End

Take control of low frequencies for powerful mixes and sound design. Topics include:

  • Low frequencies and energy
  • Low end equalisation
  • Low end dynamics
  • Solving low end problems
  • Monitoring the low end
  • Low end colour 

Half Day Classes

Creative Editing in Sound Forge | Creative Editing in WaveLab

Learn how to work creatively and efficiently in your audio editor of choice. Topics in these classes include:

  • Explanation and use of all built-in tools
  • Customising and navigating the workspace  
  • Creating new textures using built-in tools
  • Using envelopes
  • Time stretching
  • Matching BPMs
  • Creating loops

Dance Production Essentials

Understand the tools of EDM and how and when to use them. Topics include:

  • Bass, drums, structure and frequency management
  • EDM specific processing
  • Multi stage limiters on the mix bus
  • Signal path design for EDM
  • Working the low end
  • Mid/Side processing for EDM premasters
  • Basic DIY mastering
  • Using 909 drum sounds

Hip Hop Production Essentials

Learn the mixing secrets of urban producers using unpublished methods. Topics include:

  • Hip hop low end techniques
  • Layering hip hop vocals
  • Working the lead element
  • Timing and hip hop
  • Grid editing for advanced timing variants
  • Working the highs and mids relative to the low end
  • Using 808 drum sounds

Music Production in Cubase | Music Production in Logic

Discover how to get professional results in your digital audio workstation of choice. Topics in these classes include:

  • Customising and navigating the workspace 
  • Introduction to built-in sound generators and effects
  • Creative editing on the timeline
  • Using the piano roll for MIDI
  • Control surfaces for mixing
  • Headroom and gain staging
  • Signal flow

Synth Programming

Go beyond tweaking presets to become a sound designer. Topics include:

  • Creating sounds from scratch
  • Emulating commercially released sounds
  • Subtractive synthesis
  • Amplitude modulation synthesis
  • Frequency modulation synthesis
  • Additive synthesis
  • Physical modelling synthesis
  • Modulation

Remember, you can combine any two or more classes to create a bespoke programme. Book now!