Beat Construction

Rip, reassemble, manipulate and create drum beats and groove templates

11 Tutorials available

Chopping Beats Using Recycle

How to slice drum loops using Propellerheads Recycle

Combining Ripped Beats

Another Samplecraze Jedi Technique in how to rip two different beats, at different tempos, replace all the drum sounds within the beats and then mash them up together to create a new beat!

Creating a beat and effect from a loop

Creating a beat and effect from a loop

Extracting Audio Slices and Converting them to Midi

How to extract timed audio slices and convert them into Midi Information to use on your Beats

Importing REX Files and Constructing New Beats

Detailed Tutorial on how to import REX files into Battery and create new Midi Beats and Samples

Kick processing for Mash-Ups!

How to process a Sub Kick to blend in with a Ripped Beat!

Programming Beats via Key Editor

Learn how to Program Drum Beats via Key Editor. Midi input and Hip Hop beats covered. Quantisation, Grids, Duration, Pans etc....

Ripping Drum Elements using Drumagog

How to Rip Drum Elements using Drumagog. How to replace Drum Sounds within a Beat

Ripping Timing Information and creating Groove Templates

Rip timing and feel information from any beat and use it on your beats

Snare Processing for Mash-Ups!

Using Drum Replacement software to create new snares and mash them up with a string of dynamics!

Topping and Tailing Ripped Beats

How to prepare and treat Drum Elements for Ripped Beats