Master compression techniques and drive your mixes to the next level

20 Tutorials available

Basic Compression - Science and Application

What is a compressor, why do we need them and how do they work

Brickwall Limiting

Introduction to Brickwall Limiting

Comparing Different Opto Compressors

Understanding the differences in Opto Compressor Designs and when to use them

Compressing EDM Drums Beats

A detailed exercise in Compressing a driving EDM Drum Beat

Compressing Hip Hop Drum Beats

Transparent and Parallel Processing for Hip Hop Beats

Compressing Rap Vocals

Compressing Rap Vocals requires certain considerations. Pitfalls explained.

Compressing Roland 808 Kick Drums

Understanding and exploring 808 Kick Compression Techniques

Compressing Roland 909 Kick Drums

A detailed journey into the world of 909 compression

Compression - FET , Opto, VCA and Vari-Mu

Detailed explanation plus examples of the most important types of Compressors

Compression - what is it and how to use it

Covering all Compressor Functions and Techniques

Feedback Compression

Both Feedback and Dynamic Compression covering Peak, RMS and Crest Factor

Mix Bus Compressor Topologies

A Tutorial covering Various Compressors for the Mix Bus and how best to use them

Multiband Compression

Samplecraze Jedi techniques to help you understand and control frequencies

Negative Limiting

What is it, when to use it and how to use it

Pumping and Swelling Compressors

Jedi Pumping and Swelling techniques to beef up your low end

Sidechaining Compressors

Advanced Sidechaining techniques for low end management

Sidechaining Upward and Downward Expansion

Advanced Compression Tutorial incorporating Samplecraze Techniques

The 4 Modes of Compression

Covering all forms of Downward and Upward Compression and Expansion

Transparent Brickwall Limiting

How to use a Limiter with Transparency for Pre Mastering

Transparent Limiting with Compressors

How to use a Compressor as a Transparent Limiter for Pre Mastering