Master compression techniques and drive your mixes to the next level

20 Tutorials available

Basic Compression - Science and Application Beginner

What is a compressor, why do we need them and how do they work
Duration: 7 mins

Transparent Limiting with Compressors Beginner

How to use a Compressor as a Transparent Limiter for Pre Mastering
Duration: 7 mins

Brickwall Limiting Beginner

Introduction to Brickwall Limiting
Duration: 8 mins

Compression - what is it and how to use it Beginner

Covering all Compressor Functions and Techniques
Duration: 25 mins

Compressing EDM Drums Beats Beginner

A detailed exercise in Compressing a driving EDM Drum Beat
Duration: 9 mins

Compressing Rap Vocals Beginner

Compressing Rap Vocals requires certain considerations. Pitfalls explained.
Duration: 15 mins

Multiband Compression Beginner

Samplecraze Jedi techniques to help you understand and control frequencies
Duration: 18 mins

Comparing Different Opto Compressors Intermediate

Understanding the differences in Opto Compressor Designs and when to use them
Duration: 5 mins

The 4 Modes of Compression Intermediate

Covering all forms of Downward and Upward Compression and Expansion
Duration: 11 mins

Transparent Brickwall Limiting Intermediate

How to use a Limiter with Transparency for Pre Mastering
Duration: 7 mins

Sidechaining Compressors Intermediate

Advanced Sidechaining techniques for low end management
Duration: 19 mins

Pumping and Swelling Compressors Intermediate

Jedi Pumping and Swelling techniques to beef up your low end
Duration: 14 mins

Feedback Compression Intermediate

Both Feedback and Dynamic Compression covering Peak, RMS and Crest Factor
Duration: 13 mins

Compressing Roland 909 Kick Drums Intermediate

A detailed journey into the world of 909 compression
Duration: 15 mins

Compressing Roland 808 Kick Drums Intermediate

Understanding and exploring 808 Kick Compression Techniques
Duration: 12 mins

Compressing Hip Hop Drum Beats Intermediate

Transparent and Parallel Processing for Hip Hop Beats
Duration: 9 mins

Compression - FET , Opto, VCA and Vari-Mu Intermediate

Detailed explanation plus examples of the most important types of Compressors
Duration: 18 mins

Mix Bus Compressor Topologies Intermediate

A Tutorial covering Various Compressors for the Mix Bus and how best to use them
Duration: 13 mins

Negative Limiting Advanced

What is it, when to use it and how to use it
Duration: 5 mins

Sidechaining Upward and Downward Expansion Advanced

Advanced Compression Tutorial incorporating Samplecraze Techniques
Duration: 6 mins