Drum Techniques

Epic kicks, snares that cut like a knife, & hi-hats that dance, all layered to perfection.

18 Tutorials available

Drum Layering Basics Beginner

A detailed Tutorial on how to Layer Drums!
Duration: 9 mins

Sound Design: Kick Layering 1 Intermediate

Samplecraze series of Sound Design Tutorials: Build the most Potent Kicks known to Mortals using Advanced Drum Layering Techniques!
Duration: 21 mins

The Art of Drum Layering - Advanced Advanced

Drum Layering Techniques and Processes for Beat Makers and Producers! Learn how to: use envelope shapers/generators to reshape drum sounds, create drum elements for layering drums, layering within your DAW and the Samplecraze Flip and Nudge Technique for really big sounding drums!
Duration: 60 mins

Drum Layering in a Soft Sampler Beginner

Learn how to manipulate and process Drum Elements in a Soft Sampler
Duration: 4 mins

Creating Drum Elements for Layering Beginner

A detailed Tutorial on how to prepare your samples for layering - Jedi!
Duration: 5 mins

Layering Kick Drums using Tone Generator, Noise and Gates. Intermediate

How to Layer Kick Drums using Noise Gates and Tone Generators.
Duration: 15 mins

Layering Snares using a Synthesizer and a Noise Gate Intermediate

A Sound Design tutorial on Layering Snares using Tone Generators, Gates and Jedi Routing Tricks!
Duration: 10 mins

Layering Snares using Noise Waveforms Intermediate

Sound Design tutorial on Layering Snares using Noise and Noise Gates.
Duration: 13 mins

Using Delay to Create Textures for Drums Intermediate

Sound Design Tutorial on using Delays to create a variety of Drum Textures.
Duration: 10 mins

EDM Kick Drum Processing using Valves/Tubes Intermediate

How to use Valves/Tubes to manipulate and process EDM Kicks.
Duration: 11 mins

Sound Design: Kick Layering 2 Advanced

Samplecraze series of Sound Design Tutorials: Part 2 in the on going Sound Design Drum Series - creating a monster kick drum using tone modules.
Duration: 12 mins

808 Kicks and Multiband Compression Intermediate

Man up and start using MBC on your 808s to bring out swell and twang - for he-men only
Duration: 7 mins

Adding Sheen and Bounce to Roland 808 Kick drums Intermediate

808 Kicks need both Bounce and Sheen - here it is!
Duration: 8 mins

Creating a Huge Low End Kick Intermediate

A Sound Design Tutorial on how to use Dynamics to create an Epic low end kick
Duration: 6 mins

Drum Flip and Nudge Intermediate

A Samplecraze Technique that incorporates both Flip and Nudge as covered in Sound On Sound Magazine
Duration: 11 mins

Drum Layering using Multiple Layers Intermediate

Learn how to layer drum sounds using multiple layers and in parallel!
Duration: 9 mins

Drums processing using Middle and Side - M/S Intermediate

Processing ANY drum sound with Faux M/S - advanced
Duration: 6 mins

EDM Kick Compression Techniques Advanced

Advanced Compression Techniques for Colouring and Processing EDM Kicks.
Duration: 15 mins

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