Drum Design

There is nothing more satisfying than creating your own custom drum sounds to use in your beat productions!

Most beginner producers use commercial sample packs or drop samples in their productions that they have sampled from vinyl, but that is not the best way to be original and unique. What if you could create your drum sounds from scratch or to take an existing drum sound and maul it into a new texture? Stand out from the crowd!

The sound design tutorials in this category show you exciting ways of creating brand new drum sounds. Further, I guide you through how to use effects to make your creations even more interesting and dynamic.

18 Tutorials available

Drum Layering Basics Beginner

A detailed Tutorial on how to Layer Drums!
Duration: 9 mins

Sound Design: Kick Layering 1 Intermediate

Samplecraze series of Sound Design Tutorials: Build the most Potent Kicks known to Mortals using Advanced Drum Layering Techniques!
Duration: 21 mins

The Art of Drum Layering - Advanced Advanced

Drum Layering Techniques and Processes for Beat Makers and Producers! Learn how to: use envelope shapers/generators to reshape drum sounds, create drum elements for layering drums, layering within your DAW and the Samplecraze Flip and Nudge Technique for really big sounding drums!
Duration: 60 mins

Drum Layering in a Soft Sampler Beginner

Learn how to manipulate and process Drum Elements in a Soft Sampler
Duration: 4 mins

Creating Drum Elements for Layering Beginner

A detailed Tutorial on how to prepare your samples for layering - Jedi!
Duration: 5 mins

Layering Kick Drums using Tone Generator, Noise and Gates. Intermediate

How to Layer Kick Drums using Noise Gates and Tone Generators.
Duration: 15 mins

Layering Snares using a Synthesizer and a Noise Gate Intermediate

A Sound Design tutorial on Layering Snares using Tone Generators, Gates and Jedi Routing Tricks!
Duration: 10 mins

Layering Snares using Noise Waveforms Intermediate

Sound Design tutorial on Layering Snares using Noise and Noise Gates.
Duration: 13 mins

Using Delay to Create Textures for Drums Intermediate

Sound Design Tutorial on using Delays to create a variety of Drum Textures.
Duration: 10 mins

EDM Kick Drum Processing using Valves/Tubes Intermediate

How to use Valves/Tubes to manipulate and process EDM Kicks.
Duration: 11 mins

Sound Design: Kick Layering 2 Advanced

Samplecraze series of Sound Design Tutorials: Part 2 in the on going Sound Design Drum Series - creating a monster kick drum using tone modules.
Duration: 12 mins

808 Kicks and Multiband Compression Intermediate

Man up and start using MBC on your 808s to bring out swell and twang - for he-men only
Duration: 7 mins

Adding Sheen and Bounce to Roland 808 Kick drums Intermediate

808 Kicks need both Bounce and Sheen - here it is!
Duration: 8 mins

Creating a Huge Low End Kick Intermediate

A Sound Design Tutorial on how to use Dynamics to create an Epic low end kick
Duration: 6 mins

Drum Flip and Nudge Intermediate

A Samplecraze Technique that incorporates both Flip and Nudge as covered in Sound On Sound Magazine
Duration: 11 mins

Drum Layering using Multiple Layers Intermediate

Learn how to layer drum sounds using multiple layers and in parallel!
Duration: 9 mins

Drums processing using Middle and Side - M/S Intermediate

Processing ANY drum sound with Faux M/S - advanced
Duration: 6 mins

EDM Kick Compression Techniques Advanced

Advanced Compression Techniques for Colouring and Processing EDM Kicks.
Duration: 15 mins

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