Dynamic Processors

Dynamic Processors cover a huge range of production workflows that start with compression but then broadens to include all the advanced corrective processes that great producers use!

Anything that alters the dynamic range of audio is regarded as a dynamic processor. However, that doesn’t begin to explain the myriad of processors we have available in our DAWs.

From de-essing to gating, tape saturation to expansion, harmonizer to normalisation and much much more! All of these processes are explained in detail with ‘before’ and ‘after’ audio examples. A thorough grounding in both theory and application make this category useful AND fun!

12 Tutorials available

Normalisation Beginner

What is Normalisation, what are Peak and RMS Normalisation and how does it affect Headroom.
Duration: 6 mins

Noise Gate - What is it and how does it work Beginner

What is a Gate, what are its features and how to use them.
Duration: 11 mins

De esser what is it and how does it work Beginner

What is a de-esser, how it works and how and when to use it.
Duration: 12 mins

Ducking any Frequency using Middle and Side Intermediate

Advanced Jedi Technique incorporating M/S processing to Duck Frequencies in a Mix
Duration: 7 mins

Phase - Theory Beginner

What is Phase, Partial and Total Phase Cancellation and how to Process it.
Duration: 11 mins

Harmonizer Effect Intermediate

What is a Harmonizer Effect, how it works and when and how to use it.
Duration: 7 mins

Noise Gates - Side-chaining Tricks Intermediate

What is a gate, how it works and how to use the side-chaining facility.
Duration: 12 mins

Harmonic Distortion - Odd and Even Advanced

What is Harmonic Distortion and what are odd and even harmonics.
Duration: 9 mins

Tape Saturation Advanced

What is Tape Saturation, how does it work and when and how to use it.
Duration: 13 mins

Using Expansion - Side-chaining Tricks Advanced

Advanced tutorial on how to use Side-chaining with Expansion to create new textures.
Duration: 6 mins

Using Phase Cancellation in Sound Design Advanced

Advanced tutorial on how to use Flip/Inversion, Sample Nudge and Phase Cancellation to create new sounds.
Duration: 15 mins

Valves/Tubes - what are they and how do they work Advanced

What are Valves/Tubes, how do they work, and how and when to use them.
Duration: 10 mins

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