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How to use Reverb for Electronic Drums Beginner

Understand and master electronic drum reverb processing!
Duration: 11 mins

Using Stock Reverb Plugins Intermediate

Using Stock Reverb Plugins and optimising Proximity and Space.
Duration: 21 mins

Wrapping Reverbs Beginner

How to layer 3 Vocal reverbs for the ultimate in warmth and thickness.
Duration: 6 mins

Delay Basics Beginner

What the hell is Delay, how to use it and when to use it
Duration: 10 mins

Phaser Basics Beginner

What is it, how to use it and when to use it
Duration: 9 mins

Master Reverb Beginner

Samplecraze Jedi technique for creating that elusive Master Reverb
Duration: 5 mins

Reverb Basics Beginner

Everything you will need to know about reverb, how it works, when to use it and how to use it
Duration: 13 mins

Modulating Effects Beginner

Detailed tutorial on how to use Source and Destination, Modulators and creating Spatial Effects
Duration: 12 mins

Flanger Basics Beginner

A fully detailed journey into what a Flanger is, how to use it and when to use it - incorporating Samplecraze Techniques
Duration: 8 mins

Chorus Basics Beginner

Thorough explanation of what Chorus is, how it works and when to use it
Duration: 7 mins

Reverb and Proximity Control Intermediate

Learn about the Proximity Effect and how to control it. Create distance and 'behind' effects
Duration: 9 mins

Reverb Compression for Drums Intermediate

Samplecraze Sith techniques for processing compressed reverbs for Epic Drum sounds
Duration: 7 mins

Reverb De-essing Intermediate

Advanced techniques on manipulating and smoothing reverbs
Duration: 12 mins

Reverb Smoothing Intermediate

More Sith Techniques in how to Manipulate Reverbs using Sibilance Tools
Duration: 5 mins

Female Vocals and the Reverb 2445 Intermediate

Honing Female Vocals with the famous 2445 Reverb - Transparency and Lush at its Best!
Duration: 7 mins

Master Bus Mix Reverb Intermediate

Learn how to create the perfect Stereo Master Bus Reverb
Duration: 11 mins

Reverbs In Series for Female Vocals Intermediate

Understanding how to configure Reverbs in Series for Female Vocals
Duration: 5 mins

Using a Delay as a Reverb Intermediate

Producers know this trick - now it's your turn
Duration: 8 mins

Using a Delay to create Crackle and Slapback Effects Intermediate

Advanced Sound Design Techniques to create the crackle and slapback effects
Duration: 6 mins

Sibilance Control Intermediate

Understanding Sibilance and how to control it
Duration: 8 mins

Using Delay to create Chorus Intermediate

A Technique to create Chorus using only Delays
Duration: 3 mins

Piano Reverb Processing Intermediate

Learn how to craft the perfect reverb for Pianos
Duration: 12 mins

Drum Reverb Intermediate

Covering techniques, pitfalls and advanced functions
Duration: 6 mins

Using Delay to Manipulate Stereo Width Intermediate

Using Delay to create and manipulate Stereo Width
Duration: 5 mins

Using Stereo Delays for Vocals Intermediate

Working with L/R values for modulating the Stereo Field
Duration: 9 mins

Big Studio Reverb Intermediate

Create the famous Big Studio Reverb - Abbey Rd
Duration: 8 mins

Delay Crossfeed and Style Intermediate

Understanding and Manipulating Crossfeed and Style Algorithms
Duration: 12 mins

Flanger and Stereo Width Advanced

Advanced Techniques for creating Stereo Effects using a Flanger
Duration: 9 mins

The Three Reverbs - Master Bus Advanced

Crafting the 3 Main Reverbs
Duration: 9 mins

The Three Reverbs In Series and Parallel Advanced

The Art of working Reverbs both in Series and in Parallel
Duration: 9 mins

Using Different Chorus Topologies with Modulation Advanced

Jedi Muthta Techniques for Advanced users - modulation at its best!
Duration: 8 mins

Using Granular Effects to create Pitch Shifted Chorus Advanced

A Samplecraze Sith Technique for creating Pitch Shifts - advanced
Duration: 9 mins

Working a Phaser on Pads in Series Advanced

The Mystical Art of processing Phasers on Pads and in Series
Duration: 7 mins