Sculpt and colour your sounds with creative effects

32 Tutorials available

Big Studio Reverb

Create the famous Big Studio Reverb - Abbey Rd

Calculating Delay Times

How to Calculate Delay Times for any BPM and at any value triplets, dotted, straight etc

Chorus Basics

Thorough explanation of what Chorus is, how it works and when to use it

Delay Basics

What the hell is Delay, how to use it and when to use it

Delay Crossfeed and Style

Understanding and Manipulating Crossfeed and Style Algorithms

Drum Reverb

Covering techniques, pitfalls and advanced functions

Female Vocals and the Reverb 2445

Honing Female Vocals with the famous 2445 Reverb - Transparency and Lush at its Best!

Flanger and Stereo Width

Advanced Techniques for creating Stereo Effects using a Flanger

Flanger Basics

A fully detailed journey into what a Flanger is, how to use it and when to use it - incorporating Samplecraze Techniques

Master Bus Mix Reverb

Learn how to create the perfect Stereo Master Bus Reverb

Master Reverb

Samplecraze Jedi technique for creating that elusive Master Reverb

Modulating Effects

Detailed tutorial on how to use Source and Destination, Modulators and creating Spatial Effects

Phaser Basics

What is it, how to use it and when to use it

Piano Reverb Processing

Learn how to craft the perfect reverb for Pianos

Reverb and Proximity Control

Learn about the Proximity Effect and how to control it. Create distance and 'behind' effects

Reverb Basics

Everything you will need to know about reverb, how it works, when to use it and how to use it

Reverb Compression for Drums

Samplecraze Sith techniques for processing compressed reverbs for Epic Drum sounds

Reverb De-essing

Advanced techniques on manipulating and smoothing reverbs

Reverb Smoothing

More Sith Techniques in how to Manipulate Reverbs using Sibilance Tools

Reverbs In Series for Female Vocals

Understanding how to configure Reverbs in Series for Female Vocals

Sibilance Control

Understanding Sibilance and how to control it

The Three Reverbs - Master Bus

Crafting the 3 Main Reverbs

The Three Reverbs In Series and Parallel

The Art of working Reverbs both in Series and in Parallel

Using a Delay as a Reverb

Producers know this trick - now it's your turn

Using a Delay to create Crackle and Slapback Effects

Advanced Sound Design Techniques to create the crackle and slapback effects

Using Delay to create Chorus

A Technique to create Chorus using only Delays

Using Delay to Create Textures for Drums

Sound Design Tutorial on using Delays to create a variety of Drum Textures

Using Delay to Manipulate Stereo Width

Using Delay to create and manipulate Stereo Width

Using Different Chorus Topologies with Modulation

Jedi Muthta Techniques for Advanced users - modulation at its best!

Using Granular Effects to create Pitch Shifted Chorus

A Samplecraze Sith Technique for creating Pitch Shifts - advanced

Using Stereo Delays for Vocals

Working with L/R values for modulating the Stereo Field

Working a Phaser on Pads in Series

The Mystical Art of processing Phasers on Pads and in Series