Manipulate and control your frequencies – from destructive to creative eq, from linear phase to minimum phase, it’s all here

10 Tutorials available

Band-pass Equalisation Techniques Beginner

Band-pass filtering Rap Spit and Backing vocals using old school techniques!
Duration: 9 mins

Equalisation Basics Beginner

What is equalisation and how does it work. Samplecraze Jedi Tricks included
Duration: 19 mins

Linear Phase Eq versus Minimum Phase Eq Intermediate

A detailed tutorial on the differences between Linear and Minimum Phase Topologies
Duration: 11 mins

Eq Filters and Slopes/Responses Intermediate

Which filters to select, how to match slopes, band passing...
Duration: 13 mins

Working the Air Band with Equalisation Intermediate

Samplecraze Jedi Equalisation techniques to conquer the Air Band
Duration: 9 mins

Active, Passive, Graphic, Parametric, Fixed and Peaking Eqs Intermediate

What are they, what are the differences between them, and how and when to use them
Duration: 13 mins

Dynamic Eq Intermediate

What is it and how does it work. Included Samplecraze Sith Techniques
Duration: 8 mins

Dynamic Equalisation on Female Vocals Advanced

Using a dynamic Eq to process female vocals. Jedi Techniques for Biting Point, Sweeping Frequencies and lots more
Duration: 11 mins

Mastering Prep Eq - Air Band Processing Advanced

Jedi Panning Tricks for the Air Band Eq
Duration: 8 mins

Mastering Prep Equalisation Advanced

How to Prep your Mastering Demo with Eq
Duration: 5 mins