Gain Staging

Don’t get overwhelmed with your levels – learn to structure and manage gains

15 Tutorials available

Dual Mono to Stereo plus Cleaning Channels Beginner

Converting Dual Mono tracks to stereo for re-import!
Duration: 6 mins

Headroom and Dynamic Range Beginner

Learn about Structuring for Headroom and Dynamic Range and how to avoid the usual pitfalls
Duration: 9 mins

Panning, Masking and Summing Intermediate

Understanding panning, masking and summing!
Duration: 5 mins

Stealing Transients - Maximising Loudness Beginner

Transient control for gain staging.
Duration: 6 mins

Summing Beginner

What is summing, how to control summed levels, using sine waves for calibrating
Duration: 3 mins

Gain Staging using VU Meters Beginner

What are VU Meters and how to calibrate them for mixing
Duration: 11 mins

Gain Staging using True Peak Meters Beginner

Using True Peak Metering for Mixing and Calibrating Levels
Duration: 12 mins

The Pan Law Beginner

What is it, when to use it, how to use it and working with mono/stereo
Duration: 14 mins

Balanced Panner versus Combined Panner Beginner

What are the differences and when to use them
Duration: 7 mins

Band Pass Cleaning and Matching Filter Slopes Intermediate

How to prepare your audio for mixing with Band Pass Cleaning and Matching Filter Slopes
Duration: 13 mins

ISP - Intersample Peaks Intermediate

What are Intersample Peaks and how do you control them
Duration: 9 mins

Mixing to Pink Noise - Using Ripped Profiles Intermediate

The entire process covered plus how to use Mastered Profiles on your Mixes
Duration: 25 mins

Mixing to Pink Noise and Managing Loudness Intermediate

A detailed Mix Tutorial from the inventor on how to use Pink Noise as a reference to control levels
Duration: 19 mins

Summing in a Mix Intermediate

Summing in a Mix context, how to manage gains and frequencies
Duration: 5 mins

The Art of Cleaning Channels Intermediate

How to prep for your mix, stereo and mono, folder structuring, gains....
Duration: 10 mins