Gain Staging

Don’t get overwhelmed with your levels – learn to structure and manage gains

12 Tutorials available

Balanced Panner versus Combined Panner

What are the differences and when to use them

Band Pass Cleaning and Matching Filter Slopes

How to prepare your audio for mixing with Band Pass Cleaning and Matching Filter Slopes

Gain Staging using True Peak Meters

Using True Peak Metering for Mixing and Calibrating Levels

Gain Staging using VU Meters

What are VU Meters and how to calibrate them for mixing

Headroom and Dynamic Range

Learn about Structuring for Headroom and Dynamic Range and how to avoid the usual pitfalls

ISP - Intersample Peaks

What are Intersample Peaks and how do you control them

Mixing to Pink Noise - Using Ripped Profiles

The entire process covered plus how to use Mastered Profiles on your Mixes

Mixing to Pink Noise and Managing Loudness

A detailed Mix Tutorial from the inventor on how to use Pink Noise as a reference to control levels


What is summing, how to control summed levels, using sine waves for calibrating

Summing in a Mix

Summing in a Mix context, how to manage gains and frequencies

The Art of Cleaning Channels

How to prep for your mix, stereo and mono, folder structuring, gains....

The Pan Law

What is it, when to use it, how to use it and working with mono/stereo