Low End

Tame your low end and let it punch through in the mix

7 Tutorials available

Low End Defined Beginner

What is Low End and how do you Analyse it?
Duration: 8 mins

808 Kick Drum Bounce Processing Intermediate

Get your 808s Bouncing like a Rubber Ball!
Duration: 10 mins

Processing Low End Kicks Intermediate

Advanced Techniques on how to Process Low End Kicks for a Bigger Sound!
Duration: 7 mins

Bass and Kick Frequency Blending Intermediate

Mixing the bass and kick can be troublesome, but that can be handled by working on the harmonics and complimentary frequencies.
Duration: 15 mins

Kick and Bass Sidechaining for Pump Effect Advanced

Detailed Tutorial on how to use Sidechaining and Filtering to create The Pump
Duration: 9 mins

Kick Parallel Side-chain Triggering for Bass Advanced

Advanced Parallel Processing for Low End Management using side-chaining with kicks and basses.
Duration: 8 mins

Low End M/S Layering Advanced

Sound Design Tutorial on how to create a background texture using M/S and Layering of a single loop.
Duration: 6 mins

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