Learn how to process Vocals professionally.

7 Tutorials available

Creating Vocal Harmonies using Cubase Intermediate

Learn how to create Vocal Harmonies using Cubase's time-stretching tools.
Duration: 12 mins

Using Side-Chaining to Duck Reverbs on Vocals Intermediate

Ducking reverbs using side-chaining with vocals. Old school technique for cleaning vocal lines and managing spoken word in broadcasting.
Duration: 7 mins

Layering Vocals using Parallel Processing Intermediate

Parallel Processing Techniques for Layering Vocals.
Duration: 5 mins

Mono to Stereo Parallel Processing Intermediate

How to configure mono and stereo channels for Vocal Parallel Processing.
Duration: 4 mins

Processing Rap Vocals - Prep and Optimisation Intermediate

Techniques to show you how to prepare Male Rap Vocals for effects and mix bus processing.
Duration: 19 mins

Side-chaining Vocals against the Mix Intermediate

How to create space for vocals in a busy mix by using side-chaining!
Duration: 12 mins

Sibilance Control Intermediate

Understanding Sibilance in vocals and best how to control it.
Duration: 8 mins

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