Video Tutorials

Access the Samplecraze video tutorials from as little as £1 a tutorial. Build your own course by selecting the parts you need.

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Automate your DAW & plugin parameters – add motion and breathe life into your mixes

Beat Construction

Rip, reassemble, manipulate and create drum beats and groove templates


Master compression techniques and drive your mixes to the next level

Drum Techniques

Epic kicks, snares that cut like a knife, & hi-hats that dance, all layered to perfection.

Dynamic Processors

Squash, compress, stretch, bleed, butcher, cut to shreds – LEARN about all dynamic processors


Sculpt and colour your sounds with creative effects


Manipulate and control your frequencies – from destructive to creative eq, from linear phase to minimum phase, it’s all here


Creative filtering for the sound designer and producer – from padewan to Jedi Muthta!

Gain Staging

Don’t get overwhelmed with your levels – learn to structure and manage gains

Low End

Tame your low end and let it punch through in the mix

Meters & Metering

Learn the tricks with metering to properly evaluate your mix


Advanced techniques for the pros from the man himself