Chopping Beats Using Recycle

How to chop/slice drum loops using Propellerheads Recycle.

Beat Construction

An industry standard software Propellerheads Recycle is truly a weapon for beat makers. However, quite often, it’s powerful editing and processing tools are ignored. Let me take you through this Recycle journey and show you ALL the features this wonderful software has to offer.

Topics covered in this video are:

  • How to slice drum loops using Propellerheads Recycle
  • Chopping and Slicing
  • Looping
  • Timestretching
  • Fades and Transient Control
  • REX and WAV/AIFF Formats
  • Midi Save and Audio
  • Envelope, Gate and EQ
  • Editing Slices
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Matching BPM to Bars
  • Reversing and Stuttering Effects
  • Drum Elements Management and Processing
  • Tips and Tricks

Beat Construction Audio Files

Audio and Rex Files