Using Dynamic Equalisation on Female Vocals

Using a dynamic Eq to process female vocals. Add motion and vibrancy to female vocal recordings.


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Dynamic equalisers are the new ‘faux compressor’ of our times. They are far more versatile than static equalisers and are a wonderful way to add vibrancy and motion to a vocal line. Let me show you how it works and how best to use it.

Topics covered in this video are:

  • Using a dynamic Eq to process female vocals
  • Understanding Frequencies
  • Cut versus Boost
  • Threshold and Ratio
  • Motion and Frequency Control
  • Filter Types
  • Slopes and Responses
  • Cut versus Boost
  • Phase – Minimum and Linear
  • Flat-lining
  • Range and Ratio
  • Linking Nodes
  • Inverted Nodes
  • Complimentary Frequencies
  • Harmonics