Multiband Compression

A detailed tutorial on what is a Multiband Compressor, how does it work and how to use it.


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Still not sure how a multiband compressor works or when to use it or even how to use it? I will show you everything you need to know to get you working with MBC (multiband compression).

Topics covered in this video are:

  • What is Multiband Compression
  • Filters and Slopes
  • Dynamic Triggering
  • Understanding Inverted Compression for variable bandwidths
  • Filter Crossovers
  • Pros and Cons of MBC
  • When to use it
  • Which MBC for which Source
  • Understanding Banded Swelling
  • Timing and Tempo
  • Release Value tricks
  • Linear versus Minimum Phase
  • Phase
  • Smile Curve and relative Responses
  • Range and Negative Limiting