Extracting Audio Slices from any Beat and Converting them to Midi

How to extract timed audio slices from an existing drum beat and converting them into Midi data to use in your Beats

Beat Construction

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The power of Midi never ceases to amaze me. We can now take any drum beat and extract the audio information, convert to Midi and use them in our own beat constructions. Let me show you how.

Topics covered in this video are:

  • Extracting Audio Slices from a Beat
  • Converting Slices to Midi Information
  • Using Threshold and Sensitivity
  • Understanding Transient and the Timeline
  • Understanding Quantise Sub divisions
  • Working with Key Editor
  • Working with the Grid
  • Linking/Setting Quantise Values
  • Adjust Note Lengths to Quantise and Grid
  • Using Soft Sampler for Importing and Managing Drum Elements
  • Note Placement Practices
  • Tips and Tricks

Beat Construction Audio Files