Snare Processing for Mash-Ups!

Using Drum Replacement software to create new snares and to mash them up with a string of dynamics!

Beat Construction

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Blending new snare sounds with ripped drum beats can be hit and miss BUT we now have powerful tools within our DAW to process them to fit into any beat. And it doesn’t end there: third party drum replacement software can be a Godsend for beat makers. You just need to know how to use them. Let me show you how.

Topics covered in this video are:

  • Understanding the Snare’s Characteristics
  • Mashing Snares
  • Using Reverb
  • Using Vinyl Effects
  • Using Dynamic Limiters
  • EQ Pre and Post
  • Signal Path Structuring
  • Advanced Compression Techniques
  • Colour and Transparency
  • Transient Control
  • Layering

Beat Construction Audio Files