Layering Reverbs for a Big and Lush Effect

How to layer 3 Vocal reverbs for the ultimate in warmth and thickness.


I will show you how we set up and layer three reverbs for a bigger and more lush texture. Your mixes will take on a new texture thanks to this old school technique.

Topics covered in this video are:

  • Working Reverbs in Series
  • How to use your DAW’s Sends to dial in Reverb values
  • Echoes and Early Reflections and how to manage them
  • Space and Reflections within a given area
  • Density and Diffusion for space or thickness
  • Timing Early Reflections
  • Filtering Practices for layering reverbs
  • Feedback and Decay
  • Colour and Transparency
  • Relationship between E/R and Tail
  • Tips and Tricks